Why be a host site for          go camp?

We believe that children who live in underserved communities need access to the same opportunities as those of their more privileged peers to grow, learn, and succeed in life. GO Camp provides a safe space for children to grow, develop positive relationships, and most importantly be their most authentic selves. .

As we may know summer time can be difficult for families living in underserved areas. When parents do not have resources to provide child care, many children are left to care for themselves. 

In partnership with a Host Site, a week of GO Camp provides a safe space, food, care, and a chance to experience God in nature  for campers.  A communities  needs are often revealed during a camp session, providing an opportunity for the Host Site to build relationships with the families of the community  through meeting those needs. 

We are an ecumenical ministry of the United Methodist Church, meaning you do not have to be United Methodist to be a Host Site, as well we do partner with non-religious associated non-profits to be Host Site.