Summer 2019 begins June 10




Camp videos

Curious what we offer?  From single day field trips to 5 day summer camps, check out these videos for a peek into a day in the life of GO Camp.

  • 2 minute Hype Video

    Get your kids excited about GO CAMP!!  This video is a shorter version of our full length promo video.  It's jam packed full of fun and adventure, highlighting all that GO Camp has to offer.  

  • First Day of GO Camp

    The first day of camp is full of team building and getting to know each other.  We break down barriers with silly games and great music.

  • Sailing on the Merry Rover

    Experience what is was like to be a real pirate as we sail aboard the Merry Rover on Lake Grapevine.

  • Fun at the State Park

    Watch what happens when we visit our local state park and hang out with the friendly and knowledgeable Park Rangers.  We learn about the natural world and enjoy activities on the lake.

  • Bubble Soccer / Zip Lining

    Watch our campers compete in one of our most popular activities... BUBBLE SOCCER!!  Then stay tuned as our campers conquer their fears at the Trinity Forest Adventure Park for zip lining and tree climbing on the best challenge course in North Texas.

  • Outdoor Education / Museum

    Our campers get their hands dirty while working on a local farm and then we head inside for a rainy day of natural wonder at the Perot Museum in Dallas, TX.

  • Jan Kay Ranch

    Lions, Tigers, and Rhinos OH MY!!  Watch as our campers enjoy the day learning all about their rescue animals while hiking in nature and just playing around at The Jan Kay Ranch in Detroit, TX.